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Activities to do with baby and kids

There will be times you want to get out of the house to see other human life, and there will be times you just want to stay in your pjs and lounge at home the entire day. For the days you want to get out of the house, here's a list of super fun places to go with kids in tow.

1. Take a walk

This seems like an obvious one, but when we're at a loss of things to do sometimes the most simple activities could sound daunting or at least not so obvious. Going for a walk will get your blood and oxycontin "going." When you get your heart rate up it will get your mind going usually giving you a more positive mindset. If you're able to take your walk outside you will also be getting some Vitamin D from the sun that is vital to good health. If the weather isn't cooperating and an outdoor walk is not an option, consider calling a friend and meet at the local mall or store to take a few laps around inside. These are very general recommendations. Many of these outcomes and sources of healthy habits are backed my scientific research. I encourage you to talk to your primary care physician and to also do your own research.

2. Play at the park

If there isn't an ideal place to take a stroll, then pick a destination like a playground or park nearby. Again this can be an outdoor or indoor park or playground. There are some that are free to get in like your city or neighborhood parks or there are some that you can pay to play that usually have a theme that might be a little more structured for your toddlers and older kids.

3. Play date with friends

Play dates can be another indoor or outdoor activity, but this will give you some time to chat with another adult human while the babies and kids are playing together. This can be very informal at someone's house and everyone takes turns hosting the play group that week. There are also play groups that are hosted by particular support groups or professionals that can be beneficial for the moms or dads that need that time sharing their thoughts and possibly troubles and listening to others that are in similar situations.

4. Parent/Child yoga

This is one that is a little more structured for the parents in particular. Yoga is known to promote many positive effects on our mind and body. Be open to yoga classes being in many different locations because you'll be surprised where you can find these classes. (gyms, local arboretums, yoga studio, local parks, yoga events)

5. Parent/Child swim

This will be very similar to the parent/child yoga classes in that it's a more structured activity. To find swim classes do a simple google search for those that are offered in your city or gyms in the area. It's also beneficial to ask friends and neighbors to see which are most recommended. Ask your tribe! ;)

6. Story time or art class

Story time and art classes surprisingly can be outside or indoors. Depending on the time of year and local groups that host these types of classes you can find them at your local library, bookstores, city parks, and arboretums. There are many story and art festivals held throughout the spring and summer months that would be a great time to meet other parents that have similar age kids. You can also host a story or small art activity with a group of friends and neighbors at each others' homes.

7. Watch a movie!

Yes! There are movie theaters that have specific times when moms can take there little humans to the movie that's made just for that. The expectation is that other moms will also have their babies and small kids with them. Sometimes the staff will have the lights on or not as dark as it would normally be knowing moms will be watching their kids maybe snacking while watching the movie. It's a great place to meet new moms and bring your other mom friends in a relaxing atmosphere.

No matter what you end up deciding on doing, do it with intention and go with an open mind. When an opportunity comes, you and baby will get a little bit of time together doing an activity that's outside of your normal routine. Take it all slow and take baby steps getting yourself out there. Getting yourself and baby out will hopefully inspire and encourage you to do more and see what you're capable of.

Now go out and have some fun!! ... and remember to take some wipes and diapers for baby and a snack and water for yourself ;)

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