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Must-listen-to Podcasts

These are my favorite podcasts I listen to daily to get motivated!

I'll stress that these are some of MY favs that I listen to that get me motivated right now. These might not end up being your favorites too, but hopefully it'll get you started on finding some that will be inspiring and entertaining to you.


Rachel Hollis is an author and one of the top motivational speakers. She's also a wife and mom of four kids. I find her very relatable and fun to listen to because she talks about many different parts of her life. Because she shares her strengths along with her weaknesses she seems true and real to her listeners.


Brendon Burchard is one of the top personal development trainers and one of the leading high performance coaches. He's written several books, but the most recent one is High Performance Habits. The book is on my list of best books to read today. His podcasts are each filled with quotable nuggets of advice that all of us can incorporate into our life right now!


Ed Mylett will get you in a frame of mind that you'll be able to take on the world. The topics he discusses and interviews he hosts will leave you feeling you're valued and worth the hard work it takes to be your best. Love, Love, Love!!!


Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis talk about relationships and great advice for couples, family members, friends, and any relationships that we might encounter in our life. Their dynamic together is so fun to listen to and they seem real and honest about their life. Their conversations together will make you smile, laugh, and most importantly motivated.


Because I own my own business I LOVE Amy Porterfield's Online Marketing Made Easy podcast. Amy gives step-by-step advice to excel your business. She continually has up-to-date advice that will help you get your business on the next level up.


This podcast has the inspiring stories of how companies where started and built by the determined entrepreneurs that created them. It's always intriguing to listen to how "regular, everyday people" started their businesses, worked their butt off and built them to become multi-million dollar companies they are today. To me this is a good reminder of what we are capable of when we work hard.

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