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Online accounts to set up before baby is born

These are must-have accounts to make life easier once baby is born.

@ Grocery pick-up/delivery

Seriously there will be times that you don't want to even get out of your pj's, but you're running low or completely out of groceries. If you have a curbside pick-up at the grocery store or delivery to your home set up, this will save you time and lower your stress level. Most grocery curbside pick-up services are free of charge, so check out your local store to see what their fee and procedures are. It really is a dream knowing you don't have to go into the store pregnant or with baby in tow when you have this account established. It'll be a great idea to try it out a few times to get your favorites list built on the account too!

@ Meal pick-up or delivery

You can see the pattern now. ;) Food and water are one of the most important parts of life that will make your family have sustainability through a stressful time after baby is home. Laundry might be piling up, dishes might be sitting in the sink, and the vacuum might not have been run in a while, but if you have food and water coming and in good supply it'll alleviate some of that stress and provide you energy later to take care of everything else.

@ Baby feeding app

Now this can be any way you've established recording how long it's been since the last time the baby has been fed. Yes, this is also something to do with food! Apps are great because you'll almost always have your phone with you, and it's easy to record something on your phone with one hand. If you don't have an app to keep track, set up a journal with a hard cover or a small clipboard with paper and pen so you can quickly jot down the time when baby was fed.

@ Supply delivery

Supply delivery could be for anything from paper towels, laundry detergent, diapers, to printer paper, hand soap, and shampoo. These supplies can be anything you use frequently and will need to replenish most often. Some examples of supply services are Amazon and Costco. There are so many delivery companies to choose from so check in your area to see which ones have the best prices, lowest fees, and are most dependable.

@ Library account for audio and digital books

This is a fun one! There will be times you'll be sitting with baby feeding her or hanging out in a room with her while putting clothes or dishes away, or during baby's nap time. This'll be great time to listen to an audio book that you've been wanting to read! You can also read a digital book of that favorite book. Most local libraries have an app you can download for free to access all the audio and digital books available from the library. You'll first want to be sure you have your library card activated and ready to use to set up the app. Happy reading!!

@ TV show

This one isn't necessarily an app, but most TV services have an app associated with it that you can watch on your phone. These accounts can also provide you with the ability to watch your favorite shows when they're not normally on. Take the time to set up your favorite list of channels and shows so you can get to them fast when you just have a few minutes to catch up on your favorite series.

@ Podcasts

There are SO MANY different podcasts that are out there now! There's going to be some you'd love to listen to on the regular. The topics are truly endless! I promise!! This one is one of my favs because it's free!! Some of the podcasts apps are Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, and so many more. These'll be so fun for you, so go find some podcasts! But first check out my blog post devoted entirely to my favorite podcasts! (doesn't mean you'll love them too, but it might get you started on where to find your favs)

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