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Postpartum From A Certified Doula and Experienced Mom

I was interviewed by @thriving_mamas a postpartum doula from Stockholm, Sweden to be featured on her page. She asked such insightful questions about motherhood, I wanted to share them with you.

What was a challenging aspect of your postpartum experience?

An aspect of postpartum that was the most challenging was getting enough sleep. I continually felt the need to be awake to be sure baby was ok or to take care of things around the house or for my own selfcare, so I tried to push through sleep when I really needed to be sleeping. Sleeping is so much more effective and beneficial to getting things accomplished efficiently after we’ve rested.

Can you share a favorite memory from your postpartum experience?

A favorite memory of postpartum for me was definitely those quiet times I was able to sit and breastfeed my babies and just gaze at my babies and chat with my older kids.

Did anything surprise you about your postpartum experience?

A part of postpartum that surprised me now that I look back on it was how much I was capable of. Before I had kids I felt like I worked hard, but after I started having kids I saw how much more us mamas are really capable of.

Was there anything in particular that helped you have a more restful postpartum?

Setting boundaries was the key that helped me to have a more restful postpartum. Saying no to filling my schedule and saying no to others was how I learned to establish healthy boundaries. I love the book Boundaries by Cloud & Townsend to get ideas for setting healthy boundaries. I just wish I had found this book earlier in my life!

What words of advice would you pass on to new parents?

I’m always learning new things to make my mom life easier and help my postpartum clients lead happy healthy families, but a few words of advice and encouragement for new parents I offer are:

- Take things slow and aim to be in the moment with your babies

- Set and practice healthy boundaries, this includes yourself and with others

- Invest in support, weather it’s family and friends or professionals to support your growing family

- Allow yourself grace

XO - Sarah

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