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What is a doula?

A doula is defined as a trained professional who provides physical, emotional and informational support to mom and baby before, during and after childbirth to help them achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

What does a postpartum doula offer?

A postpartum doula is defined as a practical emotional and physical support to mom, baby and family members in the home with scientific evidence based information. 

We offer different types of Postpartum Doula support. 

What type are you looking for?


Mom is nurtured, listened to, cared for, and mentored.

  • assistance with recovery

  • listened to

  • nutritional meals, snacks and water prepared

  • resting and sleeping

  • basic breastfeeding support

  • guidance and mentoring

  • provided resources


Baby is cared for, held, fed, soothed, and looked after.

  • diapering

  • feeding

  • napping and sleeping

  • carried and held

  • basic breastfeeding support

  • feeding options consultation 


Family includes parents, siblings, other relatives in the home.  They are all listened to and mentored.

  • light meal prep

  • siblings cared for and mentored

  • help organize family and friend assistance and visits

  • near-by errands

  • provided resources


An organized and clean room makes for a functional and efficient space to live.


  • light clean-up

  • organization consultation

  • scheduling assistance

View more details about our In-Home and Virtual Postpartum Doula support here.

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